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PSG’s Champions League dreams shattered in 1-0 defeat to Bayern
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Lundi, 24 Août 2020 08:02

Paris Saint-Germain’s hopes for a first Champions League title were dashed in a 1-0 defeat to Bayern Munich in Lisbon on Sunday evening. In the French capital, police arrested 148 people for rioting during and after the match.

Scores arrested as PSG fans riot after defeat
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 07:56

Almost 150 people were arrested as Paris Saint-Germain fans set cars ablaze, smashed shop windows and clashed with police in the French capital after the team's Champions League final defeat to Bayern Munich, police said Monday. The violence occurred around the Parc des Princes stadium and on the Champs-Elysees avenue during and after the match on Sunday night, police said on Twitter. Thousands of supporters had gathered at the Parc des Princes to cheer on PSG, lighting flares and chanting as they watched the 1-0 defeat in Lisbon on a big screen. The trouble lasted several hours, as groups of fans threw bottles and fireworks at police, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets, an AFP reporter said. On the Champs-Elysees, vehicles were set on fire, windows broken and shops vandalised. Police said 148 people were arrested "in particular for damage, violence or throwing projectiles". Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said 16 police were injured, 12 shops attacked and about 15 vehicles damaged overnight. In a tweet on Sunday night, he condemned the "unacceptable" violence and thanked the police who arrested "small violent groups, troublemakers." Social distancing measures were ignored inside and outside the Parc des Princes among fans who had hoped to see their Qatar-owned team's first triumph in Europe's top club competition. Police said 404 people were stopped for not wearing face masks as part of regulations aimed at curbing the coronavirus outbreak. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo had earlier called for "mature celebrations" should PSG beat Bayern, after supporters clashed with police following their 3-0 win over RB Leipzig in the semi-finals. "I'm gutted! They wasted too many chances and unfortunately in the final that just doesn't fly," said Nicolas Mounier as he left the stadium peacefully. "In the first half, we were on a level playing field but we paid for a dip in performance in the first 20 minutes of the second half."

Philippines minister accuses China of fabricating sea claims
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 07:56

China's "nine-dash line" used to claim most of the South China Sea is a fabrication, the Philippine defence minister said, as he accused Beijing of illegally occupying Filipino maritime territory. The remarks late Sunday come amid a fresh row between Manila and Beijing over the disputed Scarborough shoal, which has long been a flashpoint between the two countries. The Philippine foreign ministry last week lodged a diplomatic protest over what it said was the "illegal confiscation" by China's coast guard of fishing equipment near the shoal. China seized Scarborough from the Philippines in 2012 following a tense standoff. The shoal, one of the region's richest fishing grounds, is located 240 kilometres (150 miles) west of the Philippines' main island of Luzon and 650 kms from the nearest major Chinese land mass, the southern island province of Hainan. "That area is within our EEZ," Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana told reporters in a text message, referring to the country's exclusive economic zone. "Their (China's) so-called historical rights over an area enclosed by their 9-line doesn't exist except in their imaginations. "Our fishermen are within our EEZ and likewise our ships and planes conduct patrol sorties within our area. "They (China) are the ones who have been doing provocations by illegally occupying some features within our EEZ. Hence they have no right to claim they are enforcing their laws." Beijing claims the majority of the sea, often invoking its so-called nine-dash line to justify its alleged historic rights to the key waterway that is also contested by the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brunei. It rejected a 2016 UN-backed tribunal's ruling that its claims were without legal basis. China's foreign ministry on Friday defended the coast guard, saying they had carried out law enforcement activities and "their actions are understandable". It also accused Philippine military aircraft of invading Chinese airspace in another disputed section of the sea and urged Manila to "immediately stop illegal provocative activities". Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's spokesman has played down the spat which comes as the coronavirus-ravaged country seeks to secure a coronavirus vaccine from China. "Our diplomats routinely lodge protests like that if we believe our sovereign rights are violated," Harry Roque said Friday. "But it will not affect the overall good relations between our country and China. Philippine-China relations have improved under Duterte, who revived once-icy diplomatic ties after being elected in 2016 when he largely set aside maritime disputes in favour of wooing Chinese aid, trade and investment. Chinese President Xi Jinping told Duterte in Beijing last year that its position on the sea was not up for negotiation, a spokesman for Duterte said at the time.

Syria blackout after suspected pipeline attack
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 07:46

A suspected attack on a pipeline in Syria caused a nationwide blackout overnight, the state news agency quoted authorities as saying Monday. According to SANA, the electricity minister said a pipeline explosion in the Damascus area late Sunday "led to an electricity blackout across Syria". The oil and mineral resources ministry said the explosion of the gas pipeline, between Adra and al-Dhamir, was "the result of a terrorist attack", but provided no further details. SANA published pictures of a nighttime blaze it said was caused by the explosion, followed by images after dawn of a mangled land pipeline missing a large chunk. Damascus residents told AFP they woke up on Monday with no electricity in their homes. The electricity minister said some power stations had been reconnected and power provided to vital infrastructure, adding that by dawn electricity was gradually returning to several provinces. The incident was the latest in a string of alleged attacks against the government's energy infrastructure. In January, Syria's government said divers had planted explosives on offshore pipelines in the Mediterranean Sea of the Banias refinery, but that the damage had not halted operations. Syria's war has killed more than 380,000 people and displaced more than half the pre-war population since it started in 2011 with the repression of anti-government protests. It has also caused the Damascus regime to lose control of key oil fields, and caused state hydrocarbon revenues to plummet by billions of dollars.

Contaminated water sickens nearly 500 in China
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 07:38

Hundreds of people in eastern China have been infected with bacteria which can cause dysentery after drinking contaminated water, state media said Monday, prompting the closure of a local water plant. Nearly 500 people in the rural town of Baoyi -- about 550 kilometres (342 miles) west of Shanghai -- have developed fever and diarrhoea since late last week. A report by the local government published Sunday found they have been infected with the shigella bacteria -- a genus of microbes that can cause dysentery. The town's water supply has been shut down and nearly 300 people have been hospitalised, county officials said. Video footage posted on social media by the state-run People's Daily on Monday showed patients sitting in rows of beds in a local hospital. Many of the patients were elderly or children, according to the newspaper. Fears over the safety of drinking water remain a problem for much of China -- including its wealthiest cities, where many residents rely on bottled or boiled water. China's Ministry of Water Resources had improved water supply services for 256 million rural residents across the country by the end of July, the official Xinhua news agency said Friday.

More medical checks for Japan PM as health speculation grows
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 07:34

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday he had undergone more medical tests but declined to provide details, a week after a first hospital visit that fuelled growing speculation about his health. Abe cut short his first term in office in part because of crippling health problems linked to ulcerative colitis, an ailment he said he had overcome when he returned to power in 2012. But in recent weeks, reports have suggested that the 65-year-old prime minister is ill again, with tabloids claiming he has been vomiting blood and even confidants publicly saying he needed rest. Abe arrived back at his office on Monday afternoon after several hours at the hospital in Tokyo, but offered little detail on his condition. "Today, I received detailed explanations about the results of the tests from last week, and I had additional tests," he told reporters. "By taking full care of my health, I would like to continue to work hard." He declined to be drawn further on the nature of the tests conducted last week or on Monday, but suggested he might speak publicly about them at "a later time". Earlier, Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga downplayed speculation about Abe's health. "I see him every day and I don't see any change in him," he said. When asked whether Abe would serve out his term through September 2021, Suga said: "The additional tests are being done to achieve that end." Even before his hospital visit last week, there were questions about whether Abe was sick, with commentators noting he has not held a full press conference in weeks despite rising criticism of the government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Abe's health has haunted him in the past. In 2007, he resigned just a year into his first term as prime minister, citing health problems in part. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel condition, and spent months being treated in hospital. On his return to office in 2012, Abe said he had overcome the condition with the help of medication. - No consensus on successor - Analysts said it was too early yet to know whether Abe's health problems could trigger political upheaval, but that there would now be growing pressure on him to explain the situation. "It seems as if the government hoped that with a pause Abe might recover and therefore his condition would not become a political issue," said Tobias Harris, a Japan expert at Teneo consultancy and author of a book on Abe. "After his second unexpected hospital visit in as many weeks, I think that approach has run its course... it will be increasingly difficult for the government to avoid providing a more transparent account of Abe's condition," Harris told AFP. The speculation about Abe's health comes as he breaks the country's record for the longest consecutive term as prime minister. He was already the country's longest-serving prime minister, counting his first and second terms in office. But as of Monday, he has been in power for 2,799 uninterrupted days, breaking the record previously set by his great uncle Eisaku Sato. The record is unlikely to provide much immediate solace for Abe, who in addition to his health woes faces plummeting support from a public that has been highly critical of his handling of the coronavirus. A poll published Sunday by the Kyodo news agency found the approval rating for his cabinet stands at 36 percent, the second lowest-since he returned to office in 2012. The survey conducted over the weekend found 58.4 percent were unhappy with the government's handling of the virus. While Japan has seen a comparatively small outbreak -- with nearly 62,000 infections and close to 1,200 deaths -- Abe has been slammed for his economic response as well as a widely mocked programme to distribute reusable cloth face masks. Harris said the prime minister's ruling Liberal Democratic Party would "absolutely prefer to avoid the chaos that could follow a resignation" with no clear consensus yet on a successor to Abe.

New Zealand extends Auckland lockdown as virus outbreak persists
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 07:16

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday extended a lockdown in New Zealand's largest city, saying more time was needed to ensure a stubborn cluster of coronavirus infections was under control. Ardern said stay-at-home orders would remain in place across Auckland until at least late Sunday, instead of restrictions easing late Wednesday as originally planned. "These extra four days are believed necessary to allow us to move down a level in Auckland, and stay down," she said. "We want both confidence and certainty for everyone." Auckland went into lockdown on August 12, a day after the virus re-emerged in the city, ending New Zealand's record of 102 days without community transmission. The cluster has since grown from four to 101 and its source remains unknown, despite extensive genome testing and contact tracing. Ardern said more cases were likely and health authorities needed to confirm the cluster was contained before changing the lockdown settings. She said even when the Auckland restrictions are eased, the entire country could remain at Level Two, the second-lowest rating on New Zealand's four-tier virus alert system. It means social distancing and limits on mass gatherings until at least Sunday, September 6. Ardern also said masks would be compulsory on public transport and flights. New Zealand suppressed the virus with a strict seven-week lockdown earlier this year and its re-emergence has forced the country's general election to be pushed back to October 17 from September 19.

Defiant New Zealand mosque shooting survivors face gunman
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 07:10

Some survivors raged, others chanted prayers, and many wept for lost loved ones -- but all of those who lived through New Zealand's mosque shootings had a message of defiance Monday as they stood before the gunman. The sentencing hearing for Brenton Tarrant opened in a Christchurch court with testimony from members of the Muslim community that the white supremacist targeted on March 15 last year in a rampage that claimed the lives of 51 worshippers. Despite the horror they experienced at the two mosques, witnesses were uncowed as they confronted Tarrant, who sat impassively in the dock. "You transgress beyond comprehension, I cannot forgive you," said Maysoon Salama, whose son Atta Elayyan was killed. "You gave yourself the authority to take the souls of 51 innocent people, their only crime -- in your eyes -- being Muslims." Salama said the 29-year-old had not achieved his self-appointed mission to undermine New Zealand's small, tight-knit Muslim community. "You thought you could break us, you failed miserably," she said. "We became more determined to hold tight to Islam and our beloved ones are martyrs." Khaled Alnobani echoed the sentiment, pointing to Tarrant and declaring: "We have become more united. Thank you for that." - 'Your hatred is unnecessary' - Gamal Fouda, the Al Noor mosque's imam, said he would not allow Tarrant's actions to sully a place of peace and love for his people. "I was standing on the pulpit and saw the hate in the eyes of a brainwashed terrorist, I lived with that nightmare afterwards," he said, telling Tarrant: "Your hatred is unnecessary." Janna Ezat, whose son Hussein Al-umari was killed as he tried to rush the shooter, said she made a decision not to hate Tarrant. "I decided to forgive you Mr Tarrant because I don't have hate... If we are able to forgive, we forgive," she said. "The damage was done and Hussein will never be here but I have only one choice and that is to forgive you." Temel Atacocugu, originally from Turkey, said he drew hope from the outpouring of support the wider New Zealand community showed for their Muslim compatriots after the atrocity. "I came to New Zealand to live with my family because it's a peaceful country and, despite the events of March 15, I believe it will stay that way," said Atacocugu, who played dead after being shot nine times at the Al Noor mosque. - 'I will never forget' - Mariam Gul, whose parents and sister were murdered, said Tarrant needed to educate himself and acknowledge that Islam was a religion of peace. "This realisation can come if he independently studies Islam," she said. The court heard of evidence of children shot in cold blood and the wounded callously gunned down while calling for help as Tarrant ran amok in the mosques, creating what some described as a war zone. Some survivors talked about suffering permanent disability and mental anguish that remained fresh more than a year after the atrocity. "I see the images and I hear the constant sound rata-rata-rata -- the sound of the gun shooting in my head," said Abdiaziz Ali Jama, a 44-year-old Somali refugee. "I see a lot of dead people. I have been frightened, I talk constantly at night. I hear noise and go outside sometimes to look for the shooter. I will never forget what I saw that day."

Pastrnak, Halak power Bruins past Lightning, Knights crush Canucks
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 06:54

David Pastrnak and Jaroslav Halak came late to the dance but are now major contributors in the postseason for the Boston Bruins, who beat the Tampa Bay Lighting 3-2 Sunday to win the opening game of their second round series. Czech Pastrnak had a goal and an assist and Slovak Halak made 35 saves as the Bruins took a 1-0 lead in the clash between the two top Eastern Conference teams during the regular season. Pastrnak was playing in just his second game back after missing three games in the first round of the playoffs, and Halak won his fourth consecutive game since first-choice goaltender Tuukka Rask opted out of the NHL's quarantine bubble just over a week ago. "He's a great goalie. He's been huge for us. When they slip in there and we break down a little bit, he's there to shut the door," Boston forward Charlie Coyle said of Halak. Game two is Tuesday in Toronto. In the late game, Robin Lehner stopped 26 shots for the shutout and five different Vegas players scored goals as the top seeded Golden Knights won the first game of their second round series with a 5-0 rout of the Vancouver Canucks. When the NHL shutdown in March because of the global pandemic, the Bruins were atop the NHL standings -- the lone 100-point team -- and the Lightning were second in the East. Both clubs are coming off five-game series wins in the opening round of the postseason. Boston knocked out the Hurricanes, while the Lightning eliminated the Columbus Blue Jackets. Tampa Bay defeated Boston 3-2 in their only round-robin meeting during the pre-playoff qualifying round. Tampa also won three of the four meetings in the regular season. Brad Marchand also had a goal and an assist, while Coyle opened the scoring late in the first period on Sunday. Andrei Vasilevskiy stopped 28 shots for the Lightning, who were without star forward Steven Stamkos, who has been sidelined with an injury. Canada's Stamkos hasn't played since February due to a core muscle injury that required surgery. Stamkos had 29 goals and 66 points in the regular season. Tampa was also without Ryan McDonagh for the final 11 minutes, after he left the team bench and went to the dressing room. Swedish defenceman Victor Hedman scored twice for Tampa.

Doncic nails epic buzzer-beater as Celtics, Raptors set up clash
Origine:  france24 en
Lundi, 24 Août 2020 05:56

Luka Doncic wasn't about to let a sprained ankle slow him down, nailing a game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer to lift the Dallas Mavericks to a 135-133 overtime playoff win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. The 21-year old Slovenian phenom, who was playing with a tender ankle and missing his offensive sidekick Kristaps Porzingis, finished with 43 points, 17 rebounds and 13 assists to level the first-round NBA Western Conference playoff series at two games each. "This game was from another planet," said Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle of Doncic's heroics. Doncic made a basket with 50 seconds left to tie the score 130-130 then gave Dallas a two-point lead with a spinning move to the basket with 19 seconds remaining. He capped his triple-double with a 27-foot step-back jumper from the left side as time ticked down, sparking a wild celebration on the floor in the NBA's quarantine bubble in Orlando, Florida. "I can't explain the emotions I had when I saw the ball go in," Doncic said. "When I saw the whole team coming towards me that was one of the best feelings I have ever had as a player." While Dallas levelled their series, Boston became the first team to reach the second round with a 110-106 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. Kemba Walker scored 32 points and Jayson Tatum added 28 and 15 rebounds for the Celtics, who swept the Eastern Conference first-round series 4-0. - 'He sees the game in 6G' - Doncic, who is playing in his first NBA playoffs, carried the Mavericks Sunday without Porzingis, who was a late scratch because of a knee injury. But the pre-game buzz was all about Doncic's health, not Porzingis. Doncic sprained his left ankle in the second half of game three and had an MRI on Saturday to determine the extent of the damage. "This morning I wasn't feeling good but as soon as I stepped on the court I knew I could go," said Doncic, who recorded his second straight triple-double. Said Carlisle: "He sees the game in 6G, not 5G. He is a very special player." Trey Burke added 25 points, Tim Hardaway scored 21 and Seth Curry chipped in 15 points for Dallas, who led by 12 with nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Lou Williams had 36 points and Kawhi Leonard finished with 32 points for the Clippers, who blew a 21-point first-half lead. Game five is on Tuesday. - Toronto to face Boston - Meanwhile, the Celtics' Walker, who arrived in Boston after eight seasons of frustration with the Charlotte Hornets, was basking in his first NBA playoff series win. "It feels good," Walker said but added: "The work's not done. We won a series, but we're still looking forward to some more tough ones." With their backs against the wall, Joel Embiid and the 76ers kept it close and trailed by just two points late in the third quarter before forward Tobias Harris took a hard fall under the basket, his head slamming the hardwood. Harris was able to leave the court under his own steam, holding a towel to his left eye and temple, and returned after treatment for what the team said was a cut over the eye. But the Celtics closed the third quarter on a 12-0 run that effectively ended the 76ers' hopes. "I feel like the game flipped when Tobias went out," Sixers coach Brett Brown said. The Celtics will face the defending NBA champion Toronto Raptors who moved onto the next round after sweeping the Brooklyn Nets. Reserve Norman Powell scored a career playoff high 29 points and the Raptors won their series with a dominating 150-122 victory in Orlando. - Mitchell matches Iverson, Jordan - Serge Ibaka came off the bench to score a playoff career high 27 points and grabbed 15 rebounds for Toronto, who swept a best-of-seven series for the first time in their franchise history. The Raptors, who set a franchise record for points in a playoff game with 150, will play the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semi-finals, beginning Thursday. Toronto played most of Sunday's contest without guard Kyle Lowry. Late in the first quarter, Lowry headed to the dressing room after twisting his ankle. He did not return. In the late game, Donovan Mitchell delivered a 50-point performance for the second time in the series as the Utah Jazz edged the Denver Nuggets 129-127 to grab a 3-1 series lead. Mitchell finished with 51 points, including four three-pointers, as the Jazz had to withstand a 50-point night from Canadian Jamal Murray of the Nuggets. Mitchell, who scored 57 points in game one, joined Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson as players with multiple 50-point games in a playoff series.

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